Artist Bio

Colton Hash is an emerging artist who currently resides as an uninvited guest on Lekwungen territories of Vancouver Island. Hash’s multimedia practice is inspired by the wild and anthropogenic landscapes that surround him. Exploring environmental data as media, Hash strives to create accessible works for viewers to consider their cultural relationships with nature.

Hash moves between disciplines of visual art, science communication and activist media to develop a unique visual language to engage with contemporary issues. Coding software to process data, generate visuals and facilitate immersive viewer interaction, he channels computer programming into an intuitive practice focused on emotional engagement and aesthetic experience.

Hash was the inaugural artist-in-residence for Ocean Networks Canada, where he worked with scientists to create interactive data artworks that communicate ecological relationships. In recognition of his politically based practice, Hash received the Witness Legacy Award for Social Purpose and Responsibility Through Art (ProArt Alliance, 2019). Hash received a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Visual Arts and Environmental Studies and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Victoria.