Media Features and Publications

Below is a selection of media features and publications that include my writing and artwork. As my practice has evolved, many of my considerations and concerns with older projects are still relevant to my work.

Visualizations from a Climate Youth

By Colton Hash, Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, Stanford University, January 2023.

Ocean: Exploring the Marine World

Phaidon, October 2022. Features image and writing about Acoustic Turbulence

Colton Hash, Artist

By Colton Hash, Akimbo Hitlist,, May 2022.

Materiality, Interaction, and the Other: Colton Hash & Freya Olafson

By Stacey Cann, Luma Film & Media Art Quarterly, Summer 2021

Fire Season

Fire Season, Issue 1, 2020. Includes images and writing for Homeostasis.

Resonant Disintegration (Shaw Spotlight)

By John Mackenzie, Shaw Spotlight Features, September 2019

Experience Ocean Data Through Interactive Art

Ocean Networks Canada, June 2019

Acoustic Turbulence (Research Video)

By Colton Hash, University of Victoria Research Reels, March 2019

When Art Meets Science

By John Threlfall, UVic Knowledge, March 2018

Resonant Disintegration (Research Video)

By Colton Hash, University of Victoria Research Reals, March 2018