Resonant Disintegration, 2017

Interactive Multimedia Installation / Climate Art

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Project Description

Resonant Disintegration is an interactive multimedia installation that incorporates sculpture, sound art and digital projection. A life size form of an adolescent killer whale is suspended in a gallery space where viewers are invited to physically interact with the sculpture. Visualizations of regional climate data are projected down onto the sculpture, creating a meditative environment. The hollow metal sculpture emanates its own visceral sounds, caused by an internal feedback loop that amplifies the resonant frequencies of the object. Physical interactions with the sculpture as well as hydrophone recordings of freight vessels are played from a speaker inside of the sculpture. The movements of viewers around the sculpture are recorded by a motion sensor, which are used to modulate the background sound and the speed of data progression.  

The metal sculpture is corroded from having been fully immersed in the Salish Sea, a performative gesture which connected the material to this specific body of water. The whale sculpture is a representation of ‘J-53’, the youngest living female southern resident killer whale of J-Pod. This population is on the verge of effectual extinction, as their young face increasing infant mortality from dwindling salmon and accumulated ocean contamination. Although this project is locally focused on the orcas of the Salish Sea, the issues presented in Resonant Disintegration are relevant to the degradation of marine ecosystems globally. Resonant Disintegration fosters a sobering emotional space that is both beautiful and haunting, where viewers can be present with complex feelings of mourning and admiration.

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Performance Documentation, process of submerging sculpture into the Salish Sea