Structured Terrain Generation

Colton Hash CV Bio Media Research Structured Terrain Generation Dynamic landscape generated from procedural heightmap Overview and Inspiration Learing to create a procedural virtual landscape was how I originally learned 3D computer graphics. Much of my work is still informed by Reimer’s XNA tutorials, (which are now offline, but have backed up at this location). […]

Dynamic Building System

Colton Hash CV Bio Media Research Dynamic Building System Dynamic buildings and road system integrated with simulated ecosystem Overview and Inspiration Starting with my interactive artwork, Uncertain Associations, I have been working to simulate buildings and infrastructure that interact with a digital ecosystem. Without a strong human element, my dynamic landscapes depict nature devoid of […]

Dynamic Water Simulation

Colton Hash CV Bio Media Research Dynamic Water Simulation Dynamic water and erosion system integrated with simulated ecosystem Overview and Inspiration For my landscape simulations, I want to integrate water as an active component that evolves, adapts and impacts other features over time. In the context of climate change, water is extremely important to model […]

Introduction to Dynamic Landscapes

Colton Hash Bio CV Media Research Dynamic Landscapes Introduction Project Introduction As part of a research creation grant from the Canada Art Council, I am starting a blog to coincide with a major phase of development for my Dynamic Landscape Simulation software. This blog will outline my creative process and influences for a given subject, […]


Colton Hash CV About Hydrosheds, 2023 Interactive Simulation Hyrdosheds, Screenshot   Project Description Hydrosheds is an interactive simulation that depicts landscape relationships between an urban community and a virtual ecosystem within a small watershed. Different landscapes can be generated to show how variations in vegetation, urban density and permeable surfaces affect stormwater runoff, soil absorption […]

Mycelial Forest

Colton Hash CV About Mycelial Forest, 2023 Interactive Installation, Dynamic Simulation Mycelial Forest, Screen Recording Project Description Mycelial Forest depicts symbiotic relationships between trees and soil organisms amidst a continually changing landscape. As old growth trees grow and decay, their roots are visible as they exchange nutrients through a subsurface mycelium network. Changing weather, […]

Uncertain Associations

Colton Hash CV About Uncertain Associations, 2022 Interactive Installation, Dynamic Simulation Uncertain Associations, Interactive Installation Project Description Uncertain Associations is an interactive installation that depicts cycles of growth and decay of urban structures within a continually changing ecosystem. Endlessly shifting visualizations and sounds evoke a wide range of experiences to consider the web of […]

Eye of the Anthropocene

Colton Hash Eye of the Anthropocene, 2022 Interactive Data Visualization Eye of the Anthropocene, Screenshot Project Description Eye of the Anthropocene is a map-based data visualization that depicts the past decade of wildfire events in Canada and the United States. Through a removed perspective, wildfire data recorded by NASA satellites is animated to reveal the […]

Generative Architecture

Colton Hash CV About Generative Architecture, 2021 Generative Installation Video Caption Project Description Generative Architecture is a real-time simulation that produces an endless series of buildings that arise in virtual space. Each structure is generated by a system that encodes dominant architectural styles within the Vancouver and Victoria regions. Although individual buildings are unique, […]