Atmospheric Ocean

Colton Hash CV About Atmospheric Ocean, 2019 Interactive Data Art Screen Recording of Interactive Application Project Description Atmospheric Ocean is an interactive data visualization artwork that depicts processes that cycle carbon dioxide between the air and sea. Animated particles represent CO2 in various forms and visualize various biological and physical processes. Viewers can use […]


Colton Hash CV About Homeostasis, 2017 Dynamic-Interactive Installation Installation Documentation Project Description Homeostasis is a dynamic-interactive digital media installation featuring generative systems that approximate ecological processes of forest growth, adaptation and disturbance from wildfire. The forest of Homeostasis maintains itself in an adaptive balance through cycles of growth and decay. Without the presence of […]

Acoustic Turbulence

Colton Hash CV About Media Acoustic Turbulence, 2019 Interactive Data Visualization Documentation Excerpts Project Description Acoustic Turbulence is an interactive data visualization depicting underwater noise generated from large marine vessels. Photographic elements are animated to create cinematic scenes of ships passing through the Salish Sea. Below the ocean surface viewers experience visceral sounds and […]


Colton Hash CV About Media Domestication, 2017 Steel Sculpture Sculpture Documentation Project Description Domestication is a monument to our society‚Äôs relationship with the natural world, portraying a canine in chains as a subject of domination. The form of the wolf-dog is simultaneously geometric and organic with a metallic finish that is both raw and refined. […]

Resonant Disintegration

Colton Hash CV About Media Resonant Disintegration, 2017 Interactive Multimedia Installation Installation Documentation Project Description Resonant Disintegration is an interactive multimedia installation that presents an immersive space for viewers to reflect on their relationships to local marine life in the context of climate change. A life-size form of an adolescent female orca is suspended […]